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...well. i kind of knew it was only a matter of time before i wrote a chapter too long to fit into a single lj post, and while i would have placed my money on ten, it seems the bulk actually lies in seventeen.

er. i actually posted this chapter on sometime in october, but have moved all my graphics-making programs onto my old laptop to free up space on this one, and have been too lazy to generate the titles and things. so. i kind of put this off. sorry! i'll try not to do it again, and just post like i posted this one if i'm ever put off again by the annoyance that is transferring things like that between two computers and uploading/linking/bleh.

i'm not sure if this next chapter will be the final chapter or not. i need to write it. i have it open. i have phantom playing. i just need to write it. believe it or not, my friends, i have no idea where i'm going. well. i know where i'll end up, but i'm still kind of working out exactly how to get there. knowing me there will probably be two more chapters (plus epilogue), but. well. seeing as it was supposed to end a few chapters ago...we'll see.

rest assured that this phantom update was brought to you by a malfunctioning car, several blizzards, being stranded 100 miles away from ffviii, and a solid 24 hours of attempting to chain ponyta in the hopes of catching a shiny. you let me down, haraia. you let me down.

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