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A fanfic by PinkFalcon

Hello, and welcome to dripping_candle, home of PinkFalcon's Pokémon/Phantom of the Opera AU crossover fic Phantom.
Rules and summary are below, so scroll down and enjoy!


I claim no right to Pokémon or The Phantom of the Opera, nor any characters/places/objects therein. They belong to Satoshi Tajiri and
Andrew Lloyd Webber, respectively. This story is for entertainment purposes only and brings me no revenue whatsoever.
The art in the avatars and at the bottom of this page was created by ~blackpersian and is used
with permission. In short, don't sue me.


Misty has been living in Cerulean's world renowned Stadium for nearly ten years, studying to become a Master while simultaneously building up the strongest Pokémon team she can possibly muster. Life is fairly constant, if a little stressful, until the Battle Ghost—who she never thought might actually exist—pays her a visit. Then her old crush Rudi shows up with an obvious interest in her, which is nice except, well, the Ghost doesn't exactly like that...


Phantom is a blend of Andrew Lloyd Webber's masterpiece Phantom of the Opera and Satoshi Tajiri's Pocket Monsters, known as Pokémon here in the States. Sound like a strange mixture? You'd be surprised how well they work together. Instead of an opera house there's a Pokémon Stadium; instead of actors there are Trainees; instead of a Ghost there's, well, that's the mystery, isn't it?

Prepare yourself for a few unexpected twists. Phantom is Pokéshippy, so it obviously doesn't follow PotO's plot, nor does it follow the Pokémon series. Instead it parallels both while simultaneously mapping out its own unique storyline. Characters are both their PotO selves and their Pokémon selves. It's...interesting, to say the least.

Phantom was originally posted at FanFiction.Net, but I got annoyed at the lack of pretty pictures and such and decided to post it elsewhere as well. The FF.Net version (which is identical so far) can be found here. Reviews at FF.Net are here. Simple enough, eh? Oh, and here's my FF.Net profile. If you like Phantom you may like some of my other works as well. :D


{.1} This fic contains adult themes, language, and situations, so don't read it if you're under 16, 'kay?

{.2} This fic is Pokéshippy! Sakashippy, Bikeshippy, AAMRN, AAML, whichever you prefer. It is not Islandshippy! I don't know how to stress this enough. It's also a bit Breedershippy, because Brock and Suzie are just so damn cute. &hearts

{.3} Comment if you read, just so I know you read it. Contructive criticism shall be framed and mounted; blatant, outright flames are fed to the ravenous Flying Spaghetti Monster.

{.4} Feel free to friend so you'll know when I update, but don't be offended if I don't friend you back. This journal is strictly for Phantom, not for me. If heaven forbid you actually want to friend me, my lj is _tehriah and I'd be happy to add you. :D

{.5} NO STEALING! Everything in this fic is mine. The concept bases for the characters, of course, are not, but the story and words are. Yes, I own words. These words. But feel free to quote things in avatars and such, if you really feel that dazzled by them. Just credit _tehriah and no one gets hurt. :D

{.6} Ask questions! What isn't answered within the story will be answered in an FAQ of sorts, which will be posted when the fic is complete. Even those asinine, weird things you come up with when you're reading. Nothing will be ignored!

{.7} There really are no more rules. This is a fanfic, not an exclusive club. :D Read and enjoy! Ah yes, you must enjoy. That's rule number eight.

{.8} Enjoy!


i.i Christine
i.ii Madame Gíry
i.iii Raoul
i.iv Firmín and André
i.v. Erik

ii.i Masquerade
ii.ii In the Cellars of the Opera
ii.iii The Mysterious Reason
ii.iv A Visit to Box Five
ii.v Barrels! Barrels!
ii.vi Above the Trapdoors

iii.i "Twisted every way, / what answer can I give?"
iii.ii "Angel, I hear you! / Speak, I listen! / Stay by my side, / guide me..."
iii.iii "And now, how you've / repaid me, / denied me / and betrayed me..."
iii.iv "God give me courage / to show you / you are not / alone..."
iii.v "So, it is to be war between us!"

iv.i Past the Point of No Return (part 1) (part 2)
iv.ii The Final Threshold (part 1) (part 2)
iv.iii What Warm, Unspoken Secrets Will We Learn?

v.i Is It A Ghost?
v.ii Interesting Vicissitudes
v.iii The End of the Ghost's Love Story

vi.i End Credits


fanart by ~blackpersian
isn't he cute? ♥